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Reflective Blog

When I found out that the content of this module was writing blogs and presentations I wasn’t feeling very optimistic. The reason for this is because I believed that if we weren’t given lectures and were not being taught a syllabus of material then how were we suppose to learn. However, by now I feel that this is not the case at all. I actually feel like I have learnt a lot more than if we would have had a lecture every week. By doing my own research and having to produce a blog each week I feel like I have broadened my knowledge about the psychology of education whereas I may not have done if I was fed information each week. I can now say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the module and those traditional methods of teaching and learning are most definite not always the best way to learn.

One aspect in particular I have enjoyed is reading other peoples blogs and what they feel passionate about. In the beginning I thought I would struggle to come up with a topic each week however I found myself not knowing what to write about because I had so many ideas I wanted to share with everyone. I never knew there could be so many aspects to the psychology of education however I believe that we have all shown that the psychology of education could be discussed for hours on end. Reading other people’s blogs sparked my own ideas and it was really fascinating reading a blog that had original ideas that could potentially be very powerful and successful.

After a couple of weeks of researching around topics I became very passionate about a certain topic, which was the use of technology in education. I wanted to see how education had developed to cater for technology in their classrooms and how technology could be put to better use. However, this was all very basic stuff therefore I kept researching around the topic and came across the use of technology by students who have special needs. I found the research eye opening and started to question why aren’t schools and universities making better use of technology if it can be so beneficial to some people. Everyone deserves to learn and if there is a better and more effective way of doing that then why aren’t people doing it. It is safe to say I have learnt a lot about this topic and I believe I will feel passionately about it for a very long time.

Another aspect of the module I was wary of were the presentations. When I began I was very nervous however as I became more and more interested in the information I was presenting the nerves settled down a bit and I was more concerned in making the audience believe in the presentation I was giving. I wanted everyone to know that there could be drastic improvements made in the education system by doing small but effective changes. Hopefully these changes will get put into place sooner rather than later and future generations receive very effective education.

I would like to thank all my fellow peers in taking the time to read and comment on my blogs, I have read every single comment and have enjoyed reading all of your opinions. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs as well as listening to your presentations. I wish you all the very best in your upcoming exams and assignments.