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Should public taxes fund research?

Many researchers conduct studies and work with the government to improve the world that we live in today. If the government put a scheme out there to reduce the amount of crime in our local areas, for example, and wanted researchers to run a study to see the outcome of the scheme, would it be fair that the researchers would have to find their own source of income to fund the study? In my opinion I find this very unfair and unreasonable. If researchers are working to reduce issues such as crime then surely the government should fund it as it is helping the community in more ways than one. Also if tax payers are going to benefit from the scheme then shouldn’t it be ok that the money from tax payers are used by the government to fund the study? If the study is run and it has a positive outcome and the amount of crime is reduced then the government would benefit from this. Here is an example of how much crime cost’s society, approximately 32.2 billion pounds is spent on crime against individuals and households alone according to the Home Office Research Study (here is the link to the paper An example of scheme that the government want to introduce and could help society is the five a day for your child’s development. It is basically five things for a parent to do with their child every day to improve the development of the child and the communication and relationship between child and parent. With a scheme like this it is only right that the government fund the study because if there is a positive outcome then the scheme will be introduced to more areas around the country therefore if the government will use it in the future it is only right that they fund it to begin with.

To conclude, I believe if research studies aim to help the world we live in in any way the government should be ready to help fund the study. I am not saying that whatever the research the government should fund it but if they research looks like it will help society through child development, education, parenting, crime etc, then the government should be willing to give a helping hand.